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Mr.West was in the building at 2 Chainz’s wedding this past weekend (August 18th), but his swagger was not on a hundred thousand, trillion. Ye showed up with his wife, Kim Kardashian in a wrinkled Virgil Abloh/Louis Vuitton -designed suit and his feet spilling out of his Yeezy Slides and Twitter quickly called him out.

The leader of the bum chic brigade who is usually on point when it comes to his fits fell flat when he stepped out in an in a very wrinkled suit rocking his $436 Yeezy brand house slippers. The looked scream oh hell no but what really took the cake is when everyone notice MAGA Ye’s heel spilling over the back of the slide.

As expected Twitter hung him out to dry immediately jumping on the Chicago rapper’s poor choice of wedding attire. They called out Kanye, and anyone else who thinks of wearing expensive old man slippers and a wrinkled suit to top it off is anything close to acceptable when attending a wedding.

While 2 Chainz tying the knot should be the focus, Ye’s wedding fit took everyone’s attention. Now we all know there is a method to Kanye’s madness and maybe this was done on purpose. BUT it was definitely not a good look, and if the Fashion Police were still around, they would have given Yeezy the business for this tired fit. We highly recommend no one attempts to pull this look off at anyone’s wedding. Unfortunately like anything he seems to do fashion wise except wearing a MAGA hat or the Confederate flag this will be repeated by someone.

We have our fingers crossed this tacky fashion moment doesn’t become a thing. For more hilarious Yeezy slide slander hit the gallery below.

Yeezy’s Tiny Slides & Wrinkled Suit Fit Earned Him Fashionably On Time Slander
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