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They must’ve thought he needed Jesus in his life. In the latest episode of “Objects Getting Thrown To Rappers on Stage,” Lil Uzi Vert found himself becoming the victim of a failed exorcism when a fan attending his concert at the Xfinity Theater in Hartford, Connecticut threw a Bible on stage.

Yes, a Bible. Wouldn’t that be considered sacrilegious?

We’re all well aware of the conspiracy theory that Lil Uzi Vert is the devil or a demon or evil, but come on, bruh. If he was really in league with Satan don’t you think he would’ve had his own signature sneaker line on Nike or Adidas by now?

Either way the “Do What I Want” rapper seemed amused by the gesture and proved he’s not evil incarnate when he picked up the holy book and flipped through it while performing his set. He didn’t spit on it or rip it up or even throw it back into the crowd. He held on to it and kept doing his thing. Y’all still think he’s forever damned?

At least it was one of those motel Bibles that people carry around in a purse or leave behind in the telly. Had it been your grandmama’s family heirloom textbook Bible someone would’ve caught an attempted murder charge.

Now watch how those Lil Uzi Satan conspiracy theories skyrocket once security begins to confiscate Bibles and eventually ban them at Vert’s concerts like Donald Trump at political funerals. Y’all did it to y’all damn selves!

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