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Eminem lashed out at all his critics and naysayers on his latest album. As expected the responses are still coming in and we now have Lord Jamar’s.

On the latest episode of his Yanadameen Godcast, he discussed “Fall” where Slim Shady attempted to put the Brand Nubian member on notice. “And far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone / Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone / Walk up in this house you own, thrust my pelvic bone / Use your telephone and go fetch me the remote / Put my feet up and just make myself at home.”

When asked by his co-host Rah Digga if he deserved the lyrical retaliation the “Slow Down” rapper admitted it was all part of his plan. “I wanted this to happen. Because see, I’m a chess player, OK? So, if he didn’t respond, I win. And if he respond, I win. Either way, I win, OK?”

He went on to further explain his rationale. “Because you are now doing what the f*ck I wanted you to do. I have made you modify your behavior. I got into your psyche. You sat there and had to f*cking sit down and try to think of some sh*t to respond to Lord Jamar’s jabs that you know you could not escape. It was just inescapable. Thank you DJ Vlad.”

His gratitude quickly turned to disappointment when the quality of the bars came into play. “To be honest, I’m disappointed in this little dis. Like, I think it was kind of wack for an Eminem verse. I was expecting something a little more wordier that we know Eminem for – I thought I’d get something much better” he added.

This tofu beef stems back to Jamar’s multiple appearances on VladTV where he theorized that the Detroit MC is merely a guest of Hip-Hop. Ironically these interviews where conducted by DJ Vlad, who he himself has referred to as “a culture vulture with a conscience.”


You can view the Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discussion below.

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