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Apple Leaks confirm three new iPhone Models

Source: JOSH EDELSON / Getty

Apple is heavily rumored to unveil new models of its uber-popular iPhone model today (Sept. 12) but a recent link on its own website might have knocked the wind out of their sails. 

Not even Apple is safe from leaks apparently, and they have no one to blame but themselves for this apparent gaffe. The accidental slippage of information that would probably have the late Steve Jobs stark raving mad was spotted by website in Apples own XML files nonetheless. The Verge followed that up by discovering references to a new iPhone model the iPhone XR inside the AppleCare section.

Apple has since removed the information, but there is this wonderful tool called a screenshot and images of the files and handsets are now all over Twitter.

Yikes, the leaks also confirmed the rumored all-screen Apple Watch 40mm and 44mm models as well as adding more insult to injury for the company who is usually pretty good at keeping things close to the vest.

While these leaks do take away the joy from the reveals, we still don’t know if these are the exact specs and details when it comes to these new devices. So we will even have to tune in to Apple’s live event to learn precisely which model is which. So we will take the leaks with a grain of salt but won’t be surprised if in fact the images floating around of the new models is in fact true.

Apple could also still have a few tricks up its sleeves as well, the leaks also hint at Apple opting not to unveil its new iPad Pro models but that could change now. We also could finally see a new low-cost MacBook Pro model as well. Whatever the case, despite this information coming out early it won’t stop excited iPhone users from purchasing Apple’s latest phones and devices regardless.

Photo: JOSH EDELSON / Getty