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Police Brutality


A controversial video showing Houston police beating a teen burglary suspect has been released.

Houston’s ABC 13 has been tracking the story of  Chad Holley for nine months, the 16-year-old teen that was arrested and beaten by police.

Now however there’s a new development now that the station’s obtained previously unreleased footage of the teen’s ordeal with officers.

In March of 2010 a 15-year-old Holley was apprehended by police after a burglary.

Security cameras captured the incident showing the teen being clipped by a police car before surrendering and lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his head.

The tape also shows however, an officer stomping on the teen’s head before he’s kicked by an estimated four other officers on the scene.

As he continues to lie on the ground, officers repeatedly kick and punch Holley before he’s picked up, hit another time in the face, and placed into a patrol car.

The district attorney, the police chief and the mayor of Houston all refused to allow the tape to be seen, but Community Activist Quanell X obtained it through the permission of a judge and released it to ABC 13.

He tells the news station,

“I got the tape legally so sit back and watch your television tonight, like everybody else in this city, because we are all going to see what’s going on.”

Holley has been sentenced to probation for two years or until he turns 18 in April 2012.

Seven officers were fired in connection to the beating and four of them were indicted.

Officer Andrew T. Blomberg and Officer Drew Ryser were indicted on official oppression.

Officer Philip Bryan and Officer Raad M. Hassan were indicted on official oppression and violation of civil rights of a person in custody.

Check out the controversial video below.