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Castlevania first look

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Netflix really hit it out the park with their animated series for the classic video game franchise Castlevania. So much so that Hypebeast is reporting that Castlevania producer Adi Shankar is rumored to be in talks of giving life to another Nintendo classic, The Legend of Zelda. Word?!

Earlier this week Adi took to social media to reveal that he was in talks to produce an “iconic Japanese video game series” and many fans are already suggesting he could be referring to the long-rumored adaptation of Zelda. Then again he could be talking about Super Mario Bros. or another title like that but The Legend of Zelda would seem like the safest bet.

Though it was originally rumored that The Legend of Zelda was going to be a live-action affair, Castlevania has shown that an animated series might be the best option when it comes to video game adaptations. Never forget the train wrecks that were Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter in the 90’s.

When Hypebeast reached out to Nintendo for comment a spokesman said they “have nothing to announce on this topic.”

What do y’all think? Should Netflix and Nintendo finally give fans that Legend of Zelda series they’ve been clamoring for ever since that golden video game cartridge dropped? Let us know.