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Donald Trump’s proposed immigration reform has many people, including Akon, feeling a ways. The singer is now pondering a career in U.S. politics.

As per Page Six the Konvict Musik CEO recently did an interview with Newsweek. In the Q&A he detailed that he has been considering a run at the 2020 presidential election. “I’ve been thinking about running for 2020 very seriously. But I didn’t want to just do it because I feel like I want to continue  doing what I’m doing and hope that builds me enough momentum [for people] to say, ‘You know what, if you run we’ll support you.’”

Earlier this week the current POTUS slammed the 14th amendment by threatening the provision with an executive order. The “Lonely” singer openly admitted that Donald’s tough talk has him uneasy. “I feel a lot more unsafe. I feel unempowered. Honestly, I feel it’s gonna be a fight. I feel like I should be always prepared for the unexpected. I feel very uncomfortable” he shared.

He also put on his captain obvious hat when discussing the noticeable changes in our country since Barack Obama left office. “We really came a long way to get people to come together, and look at each other as humans, and work towards a common cause,” he told the magazine. “And now it seems like everything that was done is being undone, with gangs and race groups reemerging. It’s just horrible.”

Over the last five years, Akon has become more socially spirited. In 2014 he founded Akon Lighting Africa—a project that aims to provide electricity in Africa via solar energy. Since launch the initiative has provided lighting to over 14 countries including Niger, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Akon is of Senegalese descent but was born in the United States which makes him eligible to run for office. Sunken place Kanye West infamously announced at the 2015 Video Music Awards that he would be running for president in 2020. He has recently vowed he is stepping away from politics.