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Looks like one of Nicki Minaj’s rivals thinks that her beef with Cardi B is “the corniest.”

During the latest episode of State of The Culture, Remy Ma admitted that she wasn’t into the back-and-forth between Cardi and Nicki while stating, “Couldn’t have been me. I’m different. I’m not gonna keep arguing with somebody – I don’t wanna hear this. I don’t wanna hear anything. And I think the part that made this the corniest after everything for a whole 15 hours and then they’re both like ‘Okay, let’s be friends now.'”

Well, she’s not wrong.

Joe Budden for his part found it entertaining but agreed with Remy that once they said “ain’t no beef” he was officially “over it.”

Remy for her part wasn’t quick to end her drama with Lil Kim back in the day and actually took for them to bond over their prison sentences to come to an understanding.

Check out her thoughts on the Cardi and Nicki beef at the 8-minute mark below and let us know if she has a point.

Photo: WENN