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Sony PlayStation Classic reviews

Source: Sony / PlayStation

When Sony first announced it was joining in on the retro console fun with the PlayStation Classic everyone was excited at the news. Critics were able to preview the mini PS One, and they were not too impressed.

Back in October Sony revealed the complete list of titles that would be featured on the miniature version of the first PlayStation console. It didn’t blow many away leaving much to be desired and now with hands-on reviews rolling in it’s looking like the PlayStation Classic is an enjoyable but incomplete nostalgic experience for fans of the PlayStation system.

Chris Kohler of Kotaku:

“Bare-bones” is probably the most accurate summation I can give of the PlayStation Classic so far. There are no special screen borders or graphic display options. There’s a QR code that will load up manuals on the PlayStation website, but it wasn’t functional during the preview event. There’s a screensaver option that will dim the screen after a few minutes. Even the game selection menu itself is strictly utilitarian; there’s no nostalgic theme song or other cute additions.”

Jonathon Dornbush of IGN:

“I undoubtedly had my fun with a few entries, and could certainly see myself being sucked back into more of Midgar or Snake’s exploits. The list isn’t packed with heavy hitters, though, and knowing what defined the console but didn’t end up being included, along with the lack of nostalgic bells and whistles, can make even those great aspects of the PlayStation Classic feel like part of an incomplete whole.”

Nick Pino of Tech Radar:

“Because it doesn’t rely on the best-remembered games from the ’90s, the PlayStation Classic isn’t quite everything we hoped it’d be. That said, what we feel it lacks in software is made up, in part, by its lovingly crafted hardware.”

There was one positive preview/review from The Verge that did have a few complaints as far as the console’s use or wired controllers and questionable choices for its game lineup. Here is what Nick Statt had to say about the PlayStation Classic:

“Now, if you’re a hardcore fan who remembers those games like you played them yesterday, you’ll probably be fine. But it’s worth noting that this era, while a golden one for a certain type of game fan, is not going to be quite as accessible as the SNES generation of hits. The Verge will have a more comprehensive evaluation of the PS Classic’s lineup later this month when we get our hands on a proper review unit and spend some more time with the device’s library.

All that said, the PS Classic is a faithful and well-made little device, and it’s easy to see how popular it will be among former PS1 owners.”

While those reviews are not very encouraging, we still expect to PS Classic to sell like hotcakes when it arrives December 3rd cause for $99 you still are getting a decent retro console. Will these reviews affect your decision to purchase one? Let us know below.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation