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Tekashi69 may not be coming home for a long, long time. The feds believe the Brooklyn rapper, who has reportedly been denied bail, is part of a murderous NYC street gang.

Per Page Six, Tekashi has been linked with the “Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.” The crew has allegedly had their hands in robberies and murders around Brooklyn, and his reckless talk on a recenter interview with The Breakfast Club put his life on the line.

On Monday (Nov. 20), Tekashi and four other associates (Kifano  “Shottie” Jordan, who was CEO of Tek’s Treyway, Faheem “Crippy” Walter, Jensel “Ish” Butler and Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones) were indicted by a grand jury on racketeering and firearm charges after getting pinched by the feds on Sunday.

Says Page Six:

“Members and associates of the Enterprise promoted and celebrated the criminal conduct of the Enterprise, namely narcotics distribution, acts involving violence, and the use of firearms, in music and on social media,” prosecutors said. “The purposes of the Enterprise included preserving and protecting the power, territory, and profits of the Enterprise through acts involving murder…and threats of violence.”

One alleged incident from July 2018 involved a shooting in Bed-Stuy at Fulton Street and Utica Avenue, which left an innocent bystander shot. Another included the assault of an individual in the shadow of the Barclays Center, along with a gun being fired.

The gangbangers also distributed drugs — including heroin, fentanyl, furanyl fentanyl, MDMA, dibutylone and marijuana — in and around Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, according to prosecutors.

The indictment asserts that Tekashi, born Daniel Hernandez, participated in the illegal enterprise which also includes acts of murder, robbery and extortion.

Tekashi’s lawyers asserted that his client has renounced his association with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and disassociated himself from the other defendants. However, prosecutors are citing his lyrics as evidence of his continued and past membership.

But this is only part of Tekashi’s struggle. The feds reportedly took him in for questioning on SATURDAY, November 17. They feared comments he made on The Breakfast Club the previous day would lead to an attempt on his life.

“[6ix9ine] is a member of a violent sect of the Bloods,” said Assistant US Attorney Michael Longyear. “This defendant participated in multiple acts of violence.”

Despite his alleged loyalty, Longyear described how 6ix9ine almost became a victim himself this weekend after what he said on the Breakfast Club.

“They wanted to violate him,” the prosecutor explained, in reference to his former team members. “They wanted to ‘super violate’ him.”

Longyear said the term “super violate” meant to perform a “violent act, including shooting him.”

The feds offered to protect him but the rapper chose not to cooperate. They let him go after he signed a waiver, but they then picked him up the next day after learning he was planning a trip to the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut.

Apparently, they didn’t want innocent bystanders hurt if a shootout went down. Tekashi is still in federal custody and if convicted is looking at 32 years, minimum.

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