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Source: 1020 Amplified by HTC at Barclays Center of Brooklyn Featuring: Meek Mill Where: New York, New York, United States When: 20 Oct 2015 Credit: Derrick Salters/

Meek Mill has been making his rounds during this current promotional run for his upcoming album. The “Amen” rapper recently paid a visit to The Ellen Show where he detailed the unfair hand the law has dealt him over the years.

After defeating Ellen in a game of ping-pong backstage, the Philadelphia MC opened up about his time in behind bars. Meek admitted that while on the inside he would often watch The Ellen Show. “They gave us the basic channels. Some days I found myself watching Ellen. Some days it was CNN and some days it was Ellen on,” he explained.

He gave DeGeneres the timeline of what led up to him being on probation for almost 12 years. “I really didn’t have any guidance and I was hanging around a bunch of the wrong people and I got caught up. When I went to see the bail judge he was like ‘you’re here for pointing a firearm at a police officer, selling drugs’. I was like ‘whoa whoa whoa, pointing a gun?’ I wouldn’t be here right now for pointing a gun at a police officer.”

When discussing his most recent five-month stint he admitted that he found out about his release on television. “I was in my cell. I’m watching the news [and they say] ‘Meek Mill is up for bail’. I dropped my food and jumped up in the air and I was leaving 10 minutes later.”

Meek’s new album Championships will be released at midnight tonight. You can view the interview in entirety below.