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While music artists strive for success and recognition in the form of sales, streams, and accolades like Grammy awards, J. Cole agrees with Drake’s sentiment that getting a trophy based on opinion is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Yesterday (Feb. 11), the rapper that went double platinum with no features took to his Twitter page to echo what Drake was saying in his Grammy’s acceptance speech before it was cutoff. In a few heartfelt posts, J. Cole admitted that he too at one time he took felt the need to take home the gold to validate his work but has since realized it’s just a thing.

“I went through a lot of heart break [sic] the first half of my career, maybe even longer, cuz deep down I needed that validation that I thought awards could bring.”

Ultimately Cole was happy to see some of his peers on that Grammy stage while assuring others that though they got overlooked by The Recording Academy they shouldn’t feel jilted by anyone especially since they aren’t even a part of the culture.

Good advice from an artist who’s learned success is much more than what someone else’s definition of what it might be.

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