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While the boycott on Gucci continues Hip-Hop is seeing who is truly down for the cause. Apparently Kodak Black is not.

Last week Gucci played themselves causing many rappers to take a stance against the luxury retailer. T.I. specifically asked the people that they no longer spend money at their stores nor wear their products. Well Yak Lauren doesn’t feel in any way about the Italian brand’s blackface fail.

Nevertheless, Kodak Black has said he will continue to patronize the fashion brand despite a very big backlash. He took to his Instagram to explain his rationale.

“See my little Gucci clothes that I bought? And I’ma wear it… I’m Black, right? And I’m thug to the bone, right? And I f*ck with white people, right? But sometimes Black people do be reaching for like no reason. Just be reaching,” he theorized. “Them people ain’t do nothing—them people ain’t say nothing bout no racist sh*t. Them people just had a little ski mask—there’s all kinds of ski masks in the world.”

Since the public outcry, Gucci has pulled the item. CEO Marco Bizzarri has released an internal memo to his global staff. “We made a mistake. A big one. Because of cultural ignorance, but ignorance is not an excuse. And we accept responsibility for this mistake. Yet there is no way of thinking nor believing that this could have ever been intentional.”

Dapper Dan, who has a partnership with Gucci, stated via his Instagram he is having Marco Bizzarri fly into Harlem this week to personally discuss the matter. A cultural awareness program that “will allow diversity to bloom everywhere” is already in motion.

Whether this is a confirmation of Kodak officially caping for Gucci or just another example of his at times misinformed logic, the young man needs to do his homework on how much in poor taste this $890.00 high turtleneck with thick, red lips around the mouth cut-out really was. Floyd Mayweather also has some learning to do.

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage