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At what point is AJ Calloway going to be canceled, or even jailed? The former host of BET’s 106 & Park and current Extra host (though currently suspended) has been accused of sexual assault by six different women. 

Calloway’s accusers have spoken out in a new story from The Hollywood Reporter. So far, six women have come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct and assault.

Last year, writer Sil Lai Abrams accused Calloway of groping him, and he was even arrested. However, the case was dismissed on procedural grounds (Calloway maintained his innocence).

Reading Abrams’ account inspired Jeannie Delgado, who works in the aviation industry, to reveal that Calloway allegedly raped her in 2009. She claims that after Calloway offered her to stay overnight in a guest room in his home he raped her.

“I thought it was not a big deal,” says Delgado, who works in the aviation industry. “I’m thinking this is the guest room. It turned out to be his bedroom. He closed the door behind him. He basically closed the door, locked it and tried to kiss me. I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ Then he went for my pants. He flipped me over, grabbed my hands, held them behind my back.” Holding both her hands in one of his, she says, he used his free hand to pull off her pants. “I’m 5-foot-2, 110 pounds,” she says. “He’s 6-foot-4, and I don’t know how much he weighs. He proceeded to rape me. When I tried to get up, he pulled me back down and bear-hugged me. That was for hours. I lay there crying the whole time. When the sun came up, he raped me again.” (Calloway, via an attorney, denies all allegations of misconduct.)

Other accusers include two women, Nancy and Daisy, who didn’t want to use their real names and another woman who chose to remain unnamed. Perhaps the most heinous detail of their stories is that Calloway did not use condoms during the alleged sexual assault.

Calloway has denied all the allegations via his lawyer.

“These allegations are completely false,” said his attorney Lisa E. Davis. “Mr. Calloway has never sexually assaulted anyone and is devastated that he is being falsely accused of such terrible conduct. Throughout his career, Mr. Calloway has been a tireless advocate for community empowerment and equality and justice for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or gender expression.”

Calloway was suspended from Extra after word got out that The Hollywood Reporter was preparing to publish their story.

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