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Bernie Sanders on The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Power 105

Over the weekend Bernie Sanders made his Presidential aspirations official by kicking off his campaign with a rally in Brooklyn, New York and though many fear that he will split the Democratic vote in 2020 a la 2016, he may just be the man to take down Donald Trump.

Knowing he has to win over the Hip-Hop community, today the Vermont Senator sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk politics, racism, and of course, Donald Trump.

Talking to the morning trio, Bernie Sanders proves he has no hairs on his tongue when talking Trump, and delves into his plans for the Black community should he win the 2020 elections and explains how he intends to pay for Universal Healthcare and tuition free college for all.

Here are the 8 things we learned from Bernie Sanders on The Breakfast Club.


1. Donald Trump

Like everyone living in this OG reality plane, Bernie recognizes Trump as a “pathological liar, a fraud, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe” and “a xenophobe” but what really bothers him about Trump is how he goes out of his way to divide the entire country. He feels that’s the most disgusting thing he’s seen from an American President.

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