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Serato's Latest Software Serato Studio Will Allow DJs To Make Beats

Source: Serato / Serato

Premier audio software company Serato is releasing a new software called Serato Studio which is a DJ-Centric DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that aims to ease DJs into the production flow using its beat making and mixing features.

Serato Studio

Source: Serato / Serato

When DJs load up Serato Studio, they will be pleased to see that it still features all of the elements that have come to love with Serato. The new DAW features colored waveforms, EQ and filter controls, a mixing channel as well as cue points that will allow users to trigger sounds.

Serato Studio will also provide DJs with “easy beat-making,” thanks to the DAW having over 100 pre-made drum patterns from different genres of music. The software’s 808-style step sequencer will even allow users to put their own patterns together. There is more than 30 effects presets as well as a library of instruments, loops and built in-sounds to utilize.

A vital tool for DJs is organizing, of course, and Serato Studio’s use of intuitive layouts will help keep things nice and neat for users. You will be able to easily divide your track into segments and since Studio’s DAW borrows from Serato DJ’s logging system users can organize their tracks into digital crates for easier recall.

Serato Studio is compatible with  Roland TR-8S, Numark Party Mix, Pioneer DJ DDJ‑SX3, Denon DJ X1800 Prime and more. Due to an overwhelming response, Serato had to pause the beta but will allow you to still sign-up to be notified when it opens again.

Via Nick Maclaren, Chief Strategy Officer at Serato:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the response since opening and have already had a ton of useful

feedback from our beta users. We plan to open the beta again in the future.”

To get an overview of the new software, check out the video below.

Photo: Serato