Premier audio software company Serato is releasing a new software called Serato Studio which is a DJ-Centric DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that aims to ease DJs into the production flow using its beat making and mixing features.

Your playlist for your party sets is getting a boost thanks to Serato’s latest update which will allow DJ’s to utilize your playlist from streaming services such as Tidal and Soundcloud. 

Serato Pyro is the first consumer product developed and released by the minds behind DJ and musician audio software company, Serato. The iOS music app will blend music found in a user’s collection across a variety of platforms into a seamless mix.

You can’t fight or slow down the future. Technological advancements are inevitable. But while they usually make life easier, in the case of Hip-Hop many advances have led to instances, movements or trends that, to many, ruined the music and culture.

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