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Amazon Quietly Launched New Free Music Streaming Service

Source: GRANT HINDSLEY / Getty

Amazon is looking to expand on the success it saw through advertising bringing which brought in more than $10 billion which is absolutely astounding. To do so, the tech giant reportedly rolled out very quietly ad-supported music streaming service that could help it gain ground on Spotify.

Amazon who already has the third-largest music subscription service behind Spotify and Apple Music is looking to make a serious play for the top spot in the streaming wars. The new platform will be completely free thanks to it being ad-supported and will work exclusively with the tech giants Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

Per MSN:

“Amazon is looking to launch a free, ad-supported music service in a move that would represent the clearest threat yet to Spotify’s dominance, according to a report from Billboard. The service would be geared toward Amazon’s voice-activated Echo smart speakers and would feature a limited catalog of songs.”

“In order to secure the rights to this music, Amazon has reportedly agreed to pay some record labels a per-stream rate, at least initially, regardless of how much advertising is included on the platform.”

This new service will be the company’s third music subscription platform. Amazon already offers Prime Music that gives its users access to a catalog which features over 2 million songs as an added bonus to their $119 Amazon Prime subscription. There is also Amazon Music Unlimited which costs $9.99, $7.99 for Prime members and $3.99 a month for those who use a single Echo or Fire TV devices and offers users access to a catalog of 50 million songs. Experts feel this new service could cut into Spotify’s 116 million monthly active users it reported it had in 2018.

Looks like Amazon is looking to make the streaming wars interesting with this move, there is definitely nothing wrong with having more options to enjoy music.