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Xbox Teases Limited Custom 'Game of Thrones' Console Coming

Source: T3 Magazine / Getty

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones has people talking, whether it’s about the two significant deaths or the Starbucks coffee cup that may or may not have been left in the show on purpose. While all that was going Xbox teased an upcoming project with the hit HBO show that has fans wondering what could possibly be coming?

Could it be a game? A limited custom edition Xbox One X? Or both? Who knows but the folks at Xbox let gamers know to keep their eyes and ears open. In a Tweet, a video showed what seems to be an Xbox One X console covered in dragon scales with the symbol for the Targaryen symbol on top with the caption, “And now your wait begins. Stay tuned.”

Xbox is known for springing out custom consoles like the recently announced Godzilla: King of Monsters collaboration offering fans the chance to win consoles based on the upcoming films giant titans. So this next collaboration should surprise no one at all.

No further details have been released about the upcoming Game of Thrones project, but if it is a custom Xbox One X console and all signs point to that, it would be very cool if you could turn it on by saying DRACARYS. Stay tuned and be sure to tune into HBO for the last two episodes of GOT’s 8th and final season. According to Emilia Clarke episode 5 is supposed to be out of this world.

Photo: T3 Magazine / Getty