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The 2015 traffic stop and arrest of the late Sandra Bland continue to be shrouded in mystery. Thanks to previously unreleased footage, onlookers now have a glimpse of what Bland saw that day after a recording of her arrest she made went public.

WFAA exclusively reports:

The new video — released as part of a WFAA exclusive in partnership with the Investigative Network — fuels the Bland family’s suspicions that Texas officials withheld evidence in her controversial arrest and, later, her death.

Until now, the trooper’s dashcam footage was believed to be the only full recording of the July 2015 traffic stop, which ended in Bland’s arrest. The trooper claimed he feared for his safety during the stop.

The 39-second cellphone video shot by Bland remained in the hands of investigators until the Investigative Network obtained the video once the criminal investigation closed.

The family is demanding a criminal investigation be reopened as a result of this new footage as they too are just seeing it themselves. Bland’s sister was reported by WFAA as accusing the Waller County authorities of pulling wool over the public’s eyes.

“We also know they have an extremely, extremely good cover-up system,” Shante Needham said.

The new footage can be viewed below.

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