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Sorry kids but it looks like y’all won’t ever be getting the chance to see New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft‘s old wrinkly ding-a-ling getting worked by a young Asian “masseuse,” allegedly.

ESPN is reporting that after weeks of pleading with the courts to keep the video of him getting a supposed “happy ending” at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa from being used in the case against him, Kraft was thrown a bone by Judge Leonard Hanser when he ruled that Jupiter police will not be allowed to use the only and most damning piece of evidence they have during trial.

Why you ask? Well…

Rich. White. Privilege. That’s all we got.

But of course that’s not how it was worded in Judge Hanser’s ruling.

In his 10-page ruling, Judge Leonard Hanser wrote that Jupiter police detectives and the judge who issued the search warrant allowing the secret installation of cameras at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter did not do enough to minimize the invasion of privacy of other customers, some of whom received only legal massages.

Kraft’s attorneys are expected to file a motion to dismiss the case based on lack of evidence as soon as Tuesday. Prosecutors have the options of appealing the decision, dismissing the charges or going ahead to trial without the only evidence they’ve presented.

Well ain’t that about a b*tch. Only in Amerika can billionaire white men have video evidence of solicitation of a prostitute thrown out in a court of law while a broke white man millions of dollars in debt is the current President.

Looks like Robert Kraft made the right decision when he rejected a plea deal that would’ve resulted in charges being dropped if he pled guilty. Judging from the fact that he doesn’t want that video released or even used in the trial against him, it’s pretty obvious he is in fact guilty of the charges levied against him. But to quote the great Paul Mooney, he has “the complexion for protection” and the money to buy justice. So this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

We ain’t hating though. This is the same man that showed love to Meek Mill when he was going through the motions and is apparently cool with Jay-Z. But then again he is Donald Trump’s man too so we’re kind of on the fence with how all of this is playing out…