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It looks like former NBA star Marcus Camby is about to find himself a single man again. The Blast is reporting that his soon to be ex-wife has filed for divorce after 14 years of wedded bliss.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Eva Camby accused Camby of having numerous affairs, fathering a secret child and worst of all, exposing her to an STD.

In her petition for divorce, Eva accuses Marcus of causing her personal injuries and claims he “repeatedly and continuously committed adultery, including fathering an extra-martial [sic] child.”

Eva wants the prenuptial agreement they signed to be thrown out, saying it is “unconscionable” and claims she signed the deal “under duress.”

In addition, Eva claims that Marcus “contracted an infectious disease” and “intentionally exposed” her to it. She says she is unsure if she has “contracted the infectious disease.”

Looks like the former NBA center has gotten himself into quite a pickle.

Camby has responded to the divorce by asking the judge to enforce his prenuptial agreement, grant him 50/50 custody of their two children, and prohibit Eva from slandering him on social media. As for the STD allegation, Camby “argues Eva’s claims are barred because of the statute of limitations and “consent.”

Huh?! That can be a defense? Who knew?

The case is still ongoing.

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