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iPhone 11/XI Phone Case

Source: Ghostek

If you were hoping those leaks of Apple’s next iPhone were just rumors, this news might not sit well with you. Smartphone case maker Ghostek pretty much confirmed that “ugly” iPhone 11 is indeed a thing with the announcement of it’s latest phone case.

Speaking with Forbes, Ghostek confirmed iPhone enthusiasts worst nightmare. It’s so confident that its sources are correct that they are already taking pre-orders for the new Atomic Slim3 case and they will ship them in August ahead of the phone’s launch. Photos on the company’s website show the tentatively-named “iPhone 11/XI” will have that ugly ” stove top” camera system as well as the new mute switch.

Now if you’re still holding onto hope that the Ghostek is wrong, you are hedging your bet. The company has been spot on when predicting future smartphone designs ahead of launches.

Per Forbes:

How confident should you be in Ghostek? In the last year, it nailed both the iPhone XR (source), and Galaxy S10 (source) designs ahead of launch, so the signs are very good. Furthermore, Ghostek is giving all buyers of its iPhone 11 cases a 60-day return window, a period which extends a month after the phone’s September launch. That’s confidence. 

But there is one omission: the name. Just like last year, where iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR branding remained uncertain right up to launch, so it is again with the 2019 models. Ghostek understands it will be either iPhone 11 or iPhone XI, but no-one yet knows for sure – perhaps not even Apple!

If there is any year to skip upgrading your iPhone, 2019 might be it. Based on the reactions to the design, all signs are pointing waiting till 2020 with the promise of better technology in the iconic smartphone. So are you feeling the iPhone 11’s look? Let us know in the comment section below. If not, this might be your year to take that leap to Samsung or Google cause right they now have the best handsets on the market.

Photo: Ghostek