The photos are official and are not fan-made renders based on previous Galaxy smartphone models.

Google has entered the chat with its new Pixel and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

After holding on for dear life, Blackberry has decided to pull the plug on its devices, well, the older models.

For those who do spend a dedicated amount of time playing games on their smartphones, Xiaomi's newest mobile devices might be right up your alley.

OnePlus' devices are usually best known for their value, but for the 2021 lineup of smartphones, the company lets other companies know its smartphones are no longer just budget models. 

If you're lucky enough to get a text message from Bill Gates, it's going to be a green bubble becuase he is team Android all the way.

Day one of CES's first-ever virtual showcase due to COVID-19  is in the books, and TCL and LG helped kicked the event off with some bold smartphone designs.

Apple is usually good at keeping its newest iPhone models close to its chest, but leaks ahead of their big event have reportedly revealed its newest smartphone.

In a world dominated by keyboard-less smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy flagship devices, Blackberry refuses to get sucked in the cellphone abyss never to return.

No, you're not bugging your smartphone definitely had no service for a period of time.