iPhone 11

When it comes to phone cases, more than likely, you have to sacrifice style for protection. adidas Originals wants to change that with its latest collection of stylish phone cases for Apple’s family of iPhone 11 smartphones.

Finally, Apple’s worst-kept secret the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are here. Today at the Steve Jobs Theater located on the tech company’s Cupertino campus, Tim Cook announced the latest models of its ridiculously popular smartphone model.

All the buzz is currently being directed at the iPhone Pro or iPhone 11 whatever Apple is going to call it. But word on the tech streets is the company is planning on bringing back it’s mid-range SE model in 2020.

Apple’s worst-kept secret is its three new iPhone 11 models featuring that not so attractive triple-camera system on the back. Bloomberg shared more details about the highly-anticipated smartphones and revealed the company will be announcing updates to other devices as well.

Ghostek pretty much confirmed that “ugly” looking iPhone 11 is indeed a thing with the release of its phone latest case. 9To5Mac who is always right when it comes to Apple news says, three models of that unpopular model is coming this fall and will feature plenty of new updates.

If you were hoping those leaks of Apple’s next iPhone were just rumors, this news might not sit well with you. Smartphone case maker Ghostek pretty much confirmed that “ugly” iPhone 11 is indeed a thing with the announcement of it’s latest phone case.