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Jimmie Walker may have a place in the hearts of many after his star-making turn as J.J. Evans on the classic sitcom, Good Times. However, he’s been something of a tap-dancing fool and conservative tool, displaying such coonery once again by telling popular Black athletes they should just essentially shut up and play.

TMZ Sports reports:

“The thing that upsets me the most about NBA players is they’re so upset, they’re so angry,” the former “Good Times” star told TMZ Sports.

“Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant … what are you upset about? I’m happy if I’m making that kind of money! They’re always complaining.”

72-year-old Walker says NBA stars have lost touch with reality — “They don’t understand what it’s like to be in real life. Real life is getting your own bags off the [luggage carousel]. No charters, no limos waiting for you … that’s what real life is about.”

Walker also went off on NBA stars for getting too political — saying, “I think that when you’re making $150 million a year, people don’t want to hear your political views.”


Watch Jimmie Walker put on his white gloves and tap shoes for Massa Boss below.

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