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R. Kelly Bond Hearing Held In Sexual Assault Case

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

The alleged Pied Piper of Sexual Predators, R. Kelly, is currently behind bars. However, the “girlfriends” the R&B crooner was living with, that were supposed to be financially taken care of, seem to have gotten cut off from their funding.

The two women seem to be have been working for R. Kelly as assistants, but the staffer who paid them has gone AWOL since R’uh got pinched by the Feds.

Reports TMZ:

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary have built up a nice nest egg during their time with Kelly by working as his assistants … according to sources connected to the women and Kelly — and they should have plenty of money to hold them over for awhile.

We’re told while they were Kelly’s live-in “girlfriends,” they also helped him by handling bookings and other business matters, and he paid them for it. He also gave them a weekly stipend and they were able to save much of that cash because he paid for everything anyway.

Their problem has been getting access to that money. Their attorney, Gloria Schmidt, tells us one of Kelly’s staffers typically gives Azriel and Joycelyn cash — but she says since his arrest that staffer’s gone MIA.

One thing they don’t have to worry about is a roof over their heads. Our sources say Kelly’s Chicago condo in Trump Tower is all paid up through the end of the year, so the women can live rent-free for several months.

Both women’s parents have expressed concern over their safety, and they should be familiar if you watched the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries.

But, they still claim their circumstances are all good. On Tuesday (July 16), they will be in court to support R. Kelly during his Kelly’s extradition hearing (prosecutors want to ship him to NYC). Reportedly, they also plan to hold a press conference with their lawyer Gloria Schmidt.

Stockholm Syndrome is real, just saying.