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Dallas Frazier

Source: Screenshot / facebook

With the campaign season kicking into high gear, President Donald Trump is once again on the road rallying the stupid with more of his awful political takes and racist stances. At a rally for the Bloated Blunder in Cincinnati, an alleged Trump supporter punched an elderly white man and was promptly arrested.

WLVT reports:

Dallas Frazier, 29, was arrested Thursday in the 300 block of Broadway Street, according to Lt. Steve Saunders with the Cincinnati Police Department.

Video shows a fight outside of U.S. Bank Arena in the hours leading up President Donald Trump’s Keep America Great political rally at the arena.

It is unclear what led up to the fight.

Video shows a man exit a red pickup truck and throw punches at a man — the victim was standing among a group of protesters outside the rally.

Of course, his name is Dallas.

Anyway, for all that swinging, Frazier essentially just knocked the poor guy around but not out, and appeared to be several years the man’s junior. If you’re gonna swing like a fool, at least try to look good doing it.

Check out the struggle fade below.

Photo: Facebook