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Mighty Casey & Mankind

Source: Mighty Casey & Mankind / press handout

MC Mighty Casey might be most known for his controversial BET UnCut cult classic, “White Girls,” but the actor, author, and occasional fire starter is taking it up a notch with his latest song, “Boys On The Tracks” (Billy Jack).

Joined by Harlem rap duo, Mankind, the three address the #ClintonsBodyCount trending hashtag and Jeffrey Epstein controversies by addressing murder-and-drug allegations involving the two high profile characters. Recent allegations by former WWE wrestler Billy Jack Haynes were made public, indicting former President Bill Clinton of being involved in drugs and murder in Arkansas during the 1980s.

“I might run for president / 50 million off of yayo / Po-po on the payroll / Weight straight from Escobar, shipped straight to Arkansas,” Casey rhymes from the perspective of the 42nd president of these United States. “Put them boys on the track / Put the coke on the plane and get them boys on the crack,” the hook shouts out, insinuating that “Slick” Billy Clinton has inside ties to drugs and murder in the United States and abroad.

“[‘Boys On The Tracks’ is] mature hip-hop storytelling at its finest, without being contrived,” Nico Defosse, Urban Music Director, WKNC in Raleigh, NC, said. “Intricate lyricism and solid production from [Mighty] Casey and Mankind. They make a good team,” Justin Love, Hip-Hop Music Director, KUPS in Tacoma, WA also added.

While these three MCs present a new take on cocaine rap with real talk, the video above was also an ingenious creation by Mighty Casey, through his GIF-based music video generator start-up MVGEN. By combining references from Black History, professional wrestling, pop culture and politics, “Boys On The Tracks” (Billy Jack) is a distinctively edutaining experience that should put any real Cocaine Cowboy on notice.

Peep the video below and stay tuned to Mighty Casey and Mankind for more music to come.

Photo: Courtesy of Mighty Casey