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Tekashi 6ix9ine live in Copenhagen.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine is singing to anyone who is willing to listen. The Brooklyn rapper who found himself indicted by the Feds on racketeering charges has been snitching liberally, per the prosecution, and he’s critical to their case.

Prosecutors filed a letter detailing their case, which basically has Tekashi detailing all the crimes he was involved in.

Reports TMZ:

According to prosecutors, Tekashi is expected to testify and name names in various alleged crimes, including the July 2018 robbery and kidnapping of Tekashi himself.

The big thing … he will identify which Nine Trey Blood members are attached to various aliases used in incriminating texts, social media posts, DMs, and other communications. This is critical evidence for prosecutors, since they have to prove the messages were sent by the various defendants.

Things get even spicier as Tekashi will detail his crew’s intentions of lining up Brooklyn rapper Casanova.

According to the letter, Tekashi will implicate himself and other gang members in a conspiracy to harm a rapper — Casanova — who wrote lyrics they felt were critical of 6ix9ine.

He will also testify … another member of Nine Trey — SEQO — sent out a message if any rival bloods were to come across Tekashi they were to “fire on him.”

What’s also interesting … the letter essentially says Tekashi was the bank for the gang … one of his roles was to make money for the gang and then distribute it among members. Our sources say lots of friction was created when Tekashi turned off the cash spigot. Our sources say that’s why the kidnapping/robbery went down … as retaliation.

Tekashi was never about that life and is facing up to 47 years behind bars if convicted. With his cooperation, he may be out in a matter of years.

But that rap career is certainly a wrap. And if you feel bad for him, consider he has also copped to years of domestic violence.