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Daybreak - Netflix

Source: Netflix / Netflix

We’re only a few weeks from Halloween season and to celebrate the month of October, Netflix is rolling out a gang of new horror based shows and movies while banking off it’s most popular social media term, “Netflix and chill.”

For fans of the horror genre, Netflix’s new category “Netflix & Chills” is a dream come true as it will feature a gang of cult classic horror films including Pet Sematary, Poltergeist, and The Shining, while debuting some brand new bone-chilling joints such as In The Shadow of The Moon, Fractured, and Rattlesnake. Though little is known about the new Netflix flicks, the trailer released showing bits and pieces of everything that “Netflix & Chills” has in store for subscribers come October seems like it’s the kind of stuff that’ll give people a problem sleeping at night. We can’t wait.

There’s a Netflix called Daybreak described as high-school during the apocalypse that’s out October 24 that looks promising. We say this just because the Black dude in the pic above has on Yeezy’s. [editor’s note—aqua] 

Check out the trailer for the new “Netflix & Chills” category below and don’t forget that night-lights aren’t just for kids. Just sayin.’