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Ever since getting out of prison for tax evasion and possession of a firearm, Ja Rule‘s life has been, well, all kinds of struggle. From the now infamous Fyre “Hunger Games” Festival to epically failing to get a crowd reaction from basketball fans at a Milwaukee Bucks game, Ja Rule’s post-prison existence has become the proverbial punching bag for 50 Cent to train his social media troll game on.

Looking to get out of the funk he’s been drenched in for the past few years, Ja Rule is looking to his past to help him achieve a brighter future a la Marty McFly. Taking to Twitter, Rule York announced his intentions of digging into his prolific catalogue (the man did make hits before 50 Cent blew up and tore him down), and has decided that he’ll be giving each of his countless cuts the visual treatment.

“I will be making a video for every song I’ve ever made,” Ja stated in a tweet yesterday morning.

But fret not, Ja Rule loyalists, his old music videos will not be remade into anything new as he’s promised to leave the classics alone.

Whew! Dodged a bullet on that one.

While we’re sure his fans will be watching every single one of his brand new videos, what we wanna see is Ja bring his OG Murder Inc. cuts with Jay-Z and DMX to life. “It’s Murda,” and “Murdergram” were ridiculously off the meat rack and us Hip-Hoppers are still mad we never got that once promised collaboration album from those three. We doubt we’ll get those long overdue visuals due to the epic falling out between the three rappers in the early 00’s but hey, hope springs eternal, right?