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DC Youth Rehabilitation Act

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

An inmate who served 23 years at a Washington, D.C. jail has now been released. Momolu Stewart received help towards gaining his freedom by way of Kim Kardashian‘s efforts and he is no doubt grateful for the assistance.

In a profile on Stewart from Oxygen, Stewart, now 39, entered prison after the New Year’s Day shooting of Mark Rosebure. Stewart’s co-defendant, Kareem McCraney, was released in 2018 with both men benefiting from the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act.

While behind bars at the DC Central Detention Facility, commonly known as the D.C. Jail, Stewart became a part of the Georgetown Prison Scholars under Dr. Mark Howard, who praised Stewart’s transformation from a street tough to a man who wants to contribute to society.

Stewart seemed extremely humbled by Kardashian’s assistance as evidenced by his chat with Oxygen.

“She has the ability to believe in others when the conventional aspect of things would be to shun ‘em,” Stewart said.

Kardashian penned a letter on Stewart’s behalf that explained his violent and troubled childhood, which included his mother killing his father when he was six-years-old thus becoming part of the street life in Washington.

Stewart will be featured in the upcoming documentary Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project which will air on the Oxygen network.

Photo: Getty