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Source: Forbidden Fruit Festival 2016 at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham – Day 1 Featuring: Pusha T Where: Dublin, Ireland When: 03 Jun 2016 Credit: **Not available for publication in Ireland**

Pusha T has just added another credit to his already impressive resume. The Virginia native has penned the theme song to an acclaimed show.

Hot New Hip Hop is reporting that King Push was tasked to remake the opening song for HBO’s Succession. The series follows the story of the fictional Roy family who are internally fighting to hold on to their media empire amidst their patriarch’s failing health. Written and performed by Nicholas Brittell, the original is a piano driven track with touches of violin all layered over some crisp drums and hi-hats.

For the closing of the second season the composer thought it would be a great idea to have “Numbers On The Board” rapper add his signature touches. “There was only one person on the list of people to reach out to. Of course it had to be Pusha,” Britell told Vulture. “There was no backup, there was no plan B. Pusha’s voice is like a missile!” As expected Push delivered.

“Puppets (Succession Remix)” finds Brick Flair right at home on the original beat. He effortlessly captures the show’s treachery in the opening hook. “Got my hands tied, the powers above me / Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just a puppet here / If you want to place blame, look to the puppeteer” he raps.

While Brittell loved his rendition HBO asked that he rewrite it as they felt the MC was giving away some of the plot. “I was like, ‘How, I didn’t even see it?!’” Push admitted. “So I tweaked some things because the lines were a bit too detailed. I think [Nick] didn’t want to ask me to redo anything. Ordinarily, I probably wouldn’t have. But, I mean, the show is dope.”

You can listen to the remix below.