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Reality TV star turned struggle rapper Chanel West Coast is being sued after a Hollywood icon charges that she illegally used her name to garner fame.

According to court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, legendary actress Sharon Stone is not feeling Chanel West Coast’s 2018 song “Sharon Stoned” and is suing the “Ridiculousness” star for unfair competition and violations of her right of publicity.

Stone says Chanel West Coast, whose real name is Chelsea Dudley, is trying to capitalize on her “extraordinary level of popularity and fame.” Stone says she “maintains strict control” over how her name is used and listed her credits, award nominations and wins to showcase her legendary status, Stone’s complaint also references honors she has received for her philanthropic work to highlight the reputation she has built.

The documents also point out that during the song, Sharon Stone’s name is used more than 99 times. The first 30 seconds of the track feature “Sharon” or “Stone(d),” and “Sharon Sharon Sharon Stone(d)” looped several times, which is continued throughout the remainder of the track.

Stone says the “mantra-like repetition” of her name is an example of Dudley’s “penchant for glomming onto celebrity icons” and is seeking an injunction blocking Dudley from using her name or image and both punitive damages and disgorgement of any profits Dudley has earned as a result of the song and video.

As of press time, Chanel West Coast hadn’t responded to the lawsuit, but her latest tweet did seem to have a hint of shade to it.

”Wow the drama I’ve woke up to today is quite entertaining to say the least,” Chanel wrote. “I pray for all the crazy people in the world. May god bless your crazy souls with peace and love.”

Check out the court documents here.