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Wonder Woman 1984

Source: Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

After dropping back-to-back bombs with Batman V. Superman and Justice League, DC shocked many with the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot’s character was literally the best part of both aforementioned films).

Naturally a sequel was on deck after the Patty Jenkins directed film raked in $821 million worldwide and now we get our first look at the new adventure Diana Prince will embark on in Wonder Woman: 1984.

Set in the wonderful decade that was the 80’s (somebody better be rocking Jheri Curls!), the trailer finds Diana Prince living her best life during the day while fighting crime… also during the day? Though details about the plot aren’t disclosed, we do get treated to some interesting revelations including Wonder Woman whipping what we assume is her invisible jet, the return of Chris Pine’s character (Steve Trevor), and we get our first look at Wonder Woman in her Kingdom Come armor.

Though we know that Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva is set to eventually turn into Wonder Woman’s arch enemy, Cheetah, we don’t get to see her in the cat ensemble, we get an idea of how she’s eventually driven to madness as she seems to be sort of insecure and uncomfortable in her own skin.

Peep the new trailer for Wonder Woman: 1984 below and peep the Amazon warrior in Matrix-ish action and swinging on lightning bolts like a goddess for real.