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Genius x Jeff Goldblum

Source: Genius / Genius

Jeff Goldblum’s been in the acting game longer than most of us have been Hip-Hop fans (the man did begin his career by playing a goon in 1974’s Death Wish) and though the man’s 67-years-old, he still recognizes dopeness when he sees it. Don’t believe us? He shows and proves as much in Genius’ new web series Between The Lines, a show in which celebrities read and react to their names and work being referenced in rap bars they probably didn’t know existed.

In this debut episode Jeff Goldblum learns of his name and movies being integrated into the street poetry of the likes of Childish Gambino (“Sweatpants”), Notorious B.I.G. (“Victory”), and Eminem (“Rap God”) amongst others.

Hilariously reading the rhymes and putting in his own two cents while doing so, the Jurassic Park actor felt that Childish Gambino was speaking directly to him when mentioning his film The Fly and gave Biggie the highest of praises for his Jurassic Park metaphor saying, “Breaking this down, it’s like Shakespeare. It is like Shakespeare.”

Yes Mr. Goldblum, Christopher Wallace was a prolific penman from Kings County. Now you know.

Check out the full episode below and enjoy Jeff Golblum marvel at some of Hip-Hop’s greatest in Genius’ Between The Lines.