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If nothing else, DJ Akademiks attracts beef like moths to a flame but this time he has seemingly got the better of a potential foe. Via Twitter, NAV took the first show on New Year’s Eve, with Ak firing back with relentless fury.

On December 31, NAV fired off a tweet into the ether that he had to know would get seen by the media personality.

“Akademiks hop on and off d*ck so much he prolly got STDs,” NAV wrote with a variety of replies and retweets ringing off. Before long, Ak sent some bullets back with an unbothered tone.

“Sorry bro I only want Lizzo. Btw this is the statement repeated by every rapper who cold…. I post the hot sh*t sorry,” Ak tweeted in response.

Ak then dug up a story in where NAV seemed perturbed that as a celebrity, the paparazzi didn’t notice him although he claimed that he wasn’t talking about himself and making a general observation.

“Also to add some context… as rich as Nav is he’s admitted to go out of his way for TMZ/Paparazzi attention .. and they ignore him and it bothers him,” Ak wrote in a caption for a story that mentioned NAV’s paparazzi comments. “Sad that these rich ass rappers still judge themselves off blogs/attention n desperately crave it.”

After NAV tried explaining himself, Ak went in for the kill shot.

“[A]ddress u dying for attention & being salty u didn’t get it. That’s why u call out a media n*gga. I ain’t never seen u call out a Rapper. Why? N*ggas stole ur Style & went further wit it and u had to smile while u hurt inside u ain’t never call them out on twitter.”

Nav did have something on Ak in the form of a video clip of the media personality praising him. However, Ak wasn’t quite done.

“Im done though…anyway @beatsbynav…next time just subtweet me like all the rappers you’d never call out directly on twitter…but u stay dissing on here. Remember u dont get points off dissing akademiks. And i got all the time. Hope paparazzi recognize u in 2020,” AK wrote.

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