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Judge won't increase bond for R. Kelly or give $100,000 back to woman who posted his bail

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

Ever since finally getting locked up for all sorts of alleged crimes against young women and young girls, R. Kelly‘s been going through all the struggles while behind bars. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the pied piper of pedophilia (allegedly) continues to deal with medical issues.

According to the report, the 53-year-old singer was transported to the North Shore hospital within the past week after experiencing pain in his groin and gut. Ultimately Kelly underwent hernia surgery for which he is now in recovery.

“He was limping when I visited him at the MCC [Metropolitan Correctional Facility] and he showed me the result of his surgery — three major stomach incisions — and I don’t think he’d had much time to recover,” said another Kelly attorney, Shady Yassin.

“No visitors were permitted during his hospital stay, he was back in his jail cell to recover right after surgery, and the incisions still looked pretty raw when I saw him Thursday,” added Yassin, who described himself as one of Kelly’s attorneys on the sexual assault charge in Cook County court before Cook County Judge Lawrence Flood.

It should be noted that R. Kelly has no medical insurance. You’d think someone from Chicago would have Obamacare at the very least, but nope.

But that isn’t the end of Kelly’s physical ailments as his lawyer says his client is also experiencing “severe numbness” in his hands and elbows which he says is inching closer to the left side of his head.

“He is now taking pain medication following surgery and jail physicians are looking into his complaints of numbness, which they told him could be nerve damage.”

While Kelly continues to struggle with health issues while facing all kinds of charges, his lawyer says that Kelly isn’t giving up on his music career and keeps penning new songs while in lockup.

“The guy is a genius at writing songs and music in his head. And even though he can’t read or write . . . he remembers all of it by singing it,” said Greenberg.

“He even sings when he is talking to you,” he added.

“It’s like talking to someone in a musical. He is talking in sentences and then he breaks in singing the next sentence as a song. It’s pretty startling and remarkable!”

Sounds low-key annoying if you ask us but to each his own.