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R. Kelly's girlfriends clash at Trump Tower in Chicago, sending one to a hospital while other is charged with domestic batteru

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Azriel Clary may be reunited with her family but Joycelyn Savage is seemingly not ready to do the same.

On Thursday (Jan 23) while appearing in court for misdemeanor assault charges after her fight with Clary, Savage was greeted outside by her mother and sister who were both pleading for her attention. In a video obtained by TMZ, Savage’s sister is seen walking with Joycelyn shortly before her mother enters the frame and pleads with her daughter to speak to them.

“Joycelyn, I need to talk to you, honey,” she says while walking up and trying to grab her daughter’s arm. “I need to talk to you!”

The heartbreaking video shows Joycelyn ignoring her family’s pleas as her attorney steps in between the Savage and her mother as her sister yells out for her to “look at the documentary,” and that R. Kelly has “been lying”; as Joycelyn stoically got into a black SUV.

Gerald Griggs, the lawyer for the Savage family, has publicly stated that despite R. Kelly’s incarceration, that her parents are still concerned for her well-being. He also added that the Joycelyn who appeared in court is not the same person her family knows, noting that she’s been a “completely different from the Joycelyn they have known her entire life” since she moved in with Kelly.

As previously reported, earlier this month Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary got into a physical altercation after Clary revealed that she was moving out of their shared apartment with R.Kelly.

The incident, which was captured on Clary’s Instagram Live, unfolded when Savage came in as Clary was packing her things. The two got to arguing, reading each other for filth and fisticuffs were thrown for the world to see. During the physical bout, Clary was throwing verbal jabs as well, after she alleged that she was a minor when she engaged in a threesome with Jocelyn and R. Kelly and threatened to report her struggle sister wife to the cops.

Despite the claims of sexual assault, Jocelyn was only charged with a misdemeanor assault, while R. Kelly’s lawyer denied Clary’s claim.

Savage is scheduled to reappear again in court next month.

Check out the video below.