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Pastor Troy found himself on the wrong side of the LGBTQ community after the Grammys, Lil Nas X, and mozzarella sticks sparked a rant that many viewed as homophobic. In a sit-down with The Morning Hustle team, the veteran rapper clarified his statements claiming that he isn’t homophobic but instead defending heterosexuality, essentially.

Pastor Troy, 42, expressed his thoughts about casual dining appetizers and how it related to Lil Nas X’s Grammy Awards outfit via Instagram, catching a boatload of criticism in the process. Troy dug his heels in during his chat with The Morning Hustle and it looks like he still has a ways to go in getting that bullseye off his back.

From The Morning Hustle page:

“I’m not homophobic at all. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I done took more pictures with gays, transvestites, all that … it’s not my concern what you are or what you do. Just because I took a picture with this person doesn’t mean I gotta go home and tell my son, ‘Hey man, it’s alright to be gay. I just took this picture with this gay person, it’s cool now.’ It ain’t.”

HeadKrack and the crew posed some questions for Troy and tried to broaden the conversation by saying everyone has a right to live as they do, which is what Troy himself tried to stand on by saying he doesn’t want his teenage son witnessing people living their lives. In essence, the “Are We Cuttin” rapper just wants the LGBTQ community to not live openly as he gets to do.

Check out the full interview in the video below.

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