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As the old saying goes, “don’t sh*t where you eat” but that idiom must have missed the desk of a Baltimore rapper who is now facing serious time. Chad Arrington, known in the city as Chad Focus, pleaded guilty to stealing $4.1 million from his employer in order to fund the image that he had a buzzing Hip-Hop career.

Local outlet The Baltimore Sun has been following the trial of Arrington and on Monday (Feb. 3), details of his nefarious scheme to appear as if he was a superstar using an unnamed company’s corporate American Express card were laid out. Arrington used the card to buy plays on music streaming platforms, tags on social media, followers on social media networks, concert tickets and also buying large billboards that were displayed across the city.

The failed rapper took a plea deal which effectively dropped six other charges. Arrington has been ordered to pay back the $4.1 million he stole and faces up to 20 years in prison in May for his upcoming sentencing hearing. Arrington landed on the radar of investigators back in 2015 after incurring expenses marked for domestic and international travel in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Arrington didn’t work alone according to prosecutors, using a team of people to help him forge the signature of supervisors and the like. Based on the Sun‘s reporting, no other defendant was named in Arrington’s case but it was suggested several times that he did not act alone.

Chad Arrington is due in the Baltimore court on May 14.

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