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The tragic story of Bobbi Kristina continues to get even more unfortunate. Nick Gordon’s cause of death has been confirmed and it is what a lot of thought it was.

Page Six is reporting that the autopsy on Nick Gordon has been finalized and the results point to substance abuse. TMZ states that he died from overdose of heroin. According to the documentation he was found unresponsive on New Years Day with some sort of black fluid coming from his mouth at a hotel in Maitland, Florida. As Thirty Mile Zone states that “black discharge is sometimes related to a foam cone that comes out of the mouth and nostrils after an opioid OD”.

This announcement brings the Bobbi Kristina narrative to a stranger closure albeit her life was lost in the process. In 2015 Whitney Houston’s daughter died from lobar pneumonia after being in a coma for nearly six months. That January Gordon and another friend found her face down in a bathtub in her home in Alpharetta, Georgia. In a fate of what has to be twisted irony her mother died in a similar fashion in 2018 at the Beverley Hills Hilton hotel. Surprisingly hundred of celebrities, performers, executives and music insiders continued to party at the same property while her body was being examined by medical professionals.

Gordon was found legally responsible for her untimely passing. In turn Brown’s family won a ruling that Nick would pay them 36 million dollars in a wrongful death case. You can hear the 911 call below.

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