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The decision made by the family of Zaya Wade to support her as she continues to find herself should be celebrated widely, but many on the outside are choosing the opposite. Rapper 50 Cent posted an offensive meme featuring the NBA legend and R. Kelly sitting next to one another that applied an unfunny joke at Zaya’s expense.

“LOL NOW THIS SOME FUNNY SH*T.” 50 Cent wrote in the caption for the meme, which features Kelly and D Wade sitting next to one another from a 2016 photo at New York Fashion Week. Conservation bubbles appear above their heads that read as follows.

“Heard you had a daughter now,” Kelly says via his bubble. “U touch her I’ll kill ya,” Wade says in his.

Not surprisingly, many of Fif’s followers chimed in with words of support and to further attempt to drag young Zaya and the Wade family down. Here is where we remind you that 50 Cent will be 45 years old this summer.

We would post the meme but we’d rather not dignify the ignorance.

Photo: WENN