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Unless you’re a hardcore Trumpian you recognize that Donald “Cheeto Messiah” Trump is doing a quarter-assed job (not even half) as President of The United States. Now with the Coronavirus running rampant through the world and no doubt making it’s way to the United States, the laziest President in American history is doing everything he can… to get re-elected.

According to Raw Story, the “commander-in-chief” just spent over an hour meeting with Black right-wing supporters Candace Owens, Diamond & Silk and others at the White House at a time when he should be meeting with scientists, health officials or at the very least a team of veterinarians (animals can get the Coronavirus as well).

Kanye West must’ve been busy.

Though not much is known about what they spoke about, we can safely assume it was a brainstorming session to help Donald Trump appeal the Black community he’s shown contempt for since the 70’s. Maybe their trying to find new ways to buy Black votes before November. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Donald Trump’s top priority is to get himself elected come November and not keep Americans well informed on how the Coronavirus is or isn’t progressing and what we can do to keep ourselves safe and aware of places to avoid.

What’s even worse is the fact that Donald Trump spent another 45 minutes with actors from a pro-Trump play which is centered around how the “deep state” in the FBI tried to frame Trump in the Russian investigation.

“We went for a 15 minute meeting that took 45 minutes, the playwright, Phelim McAleer, said. “We were there for 45 minutes in the Oval Office, and he loves it, he loves the play.”

Of course he does.

It would make sense that Trump would do any and everything to keep himself in office as he knows that the minute he relinquish’s the office there will be a few federal indictments waiting for him outside of the White House. With that being the case expect all kinds of pandering to the Black community, misinformation about himself and his democratic rivals, and don’t even be surprised if he decides to cancel the November elections if the Coronavirus begins spread all over the US citing health concerns for the people. Trump did place Mike “Prayer Over Science” Pence in charge of overseeing the outbreak of the virus. It’s almost like he wants a pandemic to hit the US or something.