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Despite An Earlier Report, Capcom Confirms Nemesis Cannot Enter Safe Rooms

Source: Capcom / Resident Evil 3 Remake

The demo for Resident Evil 3 Remake hasn’t arrived yet, BUT an earlier report claiming Nemesis could enter “safe rooms” will not be the case, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

We already know that Nemesis was going to be like Mr.X from Resident Evil 2 but on steroids when details about the game were released, and we saw it first hand in IGN’s preview of the game. It was hinted that developers were looking to make life harder for Jill and Carlos and players by expanding Nemesis’ ability to move around, and a report that arrived earlier today hinted at Nemesis being, even more, peskier than before.

According to the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, Nemesis can now break into “safe rooms.” The terrifying new detail was discovered during a hands-on experience of the game that featured the menacing NPC barging into a room while the player was more than likely trying to calm their nerves.

Capcom has now confirmed that will not be the case and that “safe rooms” will indeed be safe from Nemesis. Capcom stated you will know by the music if you’re indeed in Nemesis-proof designated “safe room,” and just because there is a typewriter in the location doesn’t mean you will get a break from the giant terror.

Historically in Resident Evil games, the safe room was where players could save their games, have access to the storage box, and, most importantly, gather themselves before heading back into the danger zone. You could even use the safe room as a way to elude baddies, especially Mr.X, in the remake of Resident Evil 2. Developers did give him access to the main hall, a section of the game he couldn’t stalk you in the original game.

If you played Alien Isolation, this isn’t really surprising being that the Xenomorph could attack you while you were saving your game. If the report was fact, it would have been uncharted territory for Resident Evil 3 fans and will only make a game that was already difficult even more challenging to complete.

Woo, we almost had a heart attack.

Resident Evil 3 Remake arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One X and Steam April 3, 2020, and is available for pre-order right now. It will also come with the online multiplayer game, Resident Evil Resistance.

Photo: Capcom / Resident Evil 3 Remake