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Chris Childs Says There Was No Beef With Kobe Bryant Following Their Fight

Source: Vince Compagnone / Getty

For those who remember, there was a famous incident in NBA history that involved both Chris Childs and Kobe Bryant. In what was one of the most memorable fights in sports history, Childs caught Kobe with a 2-piece and a biscuit, and now he is breaking his silence on the incident.

Speaking exclusively with TMZ Sports, Childs revealed that since the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant back on January 26, fans have been bringing up the fight, and he wants to let them know they need to chill because he and Kobe were cool. Childs told the celebrity gossip site that “it was never a beef,” snd “it was something that happened. We let bygones be bygones.”

Kobe fans should feel some type of way when it comes to the incident that took place back in April 2000, because of the fact  Childs put easily caught Bean with two clean shots. Childs told TMZ Sports Kobe fans have been calling him out for the incident on social media, and he just wants them to calm down.

Per TMZ Sports: