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Tierra Whack

Source: Camila Falquez for Teen Vogue / Conde Nast

Tierra Whack has quickly become a household name, so when it was announced that the Grammy nominated rapper was going to be March’s cover star for Teen Vogue—it seemed like a perfect fit.

Tierra Whack

Source: Camila Falquez for Teen Vogue / Conde Nast

Fresh on the heels of her first major tour for 2020, Tierra sat down with the publication to give fans a glimpse of who the “Clone” rapper really is. During the indepth interview, Whack talks growing up in Philadelphia and how it feels to be labeled the hometown hero.

“It’s a really good feeling to finally be considered a somebody,” Tierra Whack said. “I’ll fight somebody over Philly. I like being the underdog. I like the work. I like the responsibility. Y’all ain’t doing it, so I’ma do it. It’s my dream to just have a bunch of people in one room who all get along, and we’re doing things, teaming up, to just make something bigger and better.”

Making Philly bigger and better is an understatement, after donating more than $10,000 to her alma mater to support Philadelphia high school music programs, Tierra Whack explained how having support helped her believe in herself—even when others didn’t. A personality trait she intends to use to inspire others to be themselves.

“I used to hate being the only female on lineups and stuff,” Tierra said. “I love unity in any shape or form. We can have something in common. When I see these girls that have different styles [than] me, I’m praising them. I’m trying to be the best me; I’m not trying to be better than anybody else. When you’re solid with yourself, it shouldn’t matter what anybody else is doing.”

In regards to standing out in an industry that seems to be focused on promoting the lighter skin tones, Tierra revealed that she doesn’t focus on the negative—instead she’s set on being the best version of herself she can be, whether people like it or not.

“I recognize [that] I am dark. I remember being younger and being teased for my skin being darker,” Whack continued. “My mom, she just was always there like, ‘You have to love yourself.’ Seeing Lauryn [Hill] and then seeing Missy [Elliott] — they were making it. I don’t think Missy was like, ‘I’m going to be a dark girl making it.’ I think she just did it. You just do it… If I could change [colorism in the industry], that would be really nice…. It’s not my focus, though. I just want to do what I feel inside and make it work to the best of my ability and whatever comes with it, comes with it. I can’t change how I look. That’s how I showed up, in my dark skin. I dress kind of cool. Either y’all gon’ take it or not.”
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Tierra Whack

Source: Camila Falquez for Teen Vogue / Conde Nast

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