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Montblanc Headphones

Source: Montblanc / Montblanc

Make room, another player is entering the headphone market. Luxury brand Montblanc is throwing its name in the extremely crowded field by launching wireless over-ear smart headphones.

The German brand, which is well-known for its watches, handbags, suitcases, backpacks, and belts, is now for the first time supplying smart headphones to match your Montblanc swag. Designed with luxury travel in mind, the sleek headphones are compact and foldable and completes Montblanc’s tech travel offering.

Montblanc Headphones

Source: Montblanc / Montblanc

Speaking on his company’s latest offering to luxury business travel, Montblanc CEO, Nicolas Baretzki stated:

“We set out to create headphones that would strike the ideal balance between advanced technology, sophisticated design, and comfort, because that’s what really matters to Montblanc travelers, whether they are aboard a long-haul flight, on a conference call at the airport or simply trying to recharge while on the road.”

Montblanc’s Creative Director, Zaim Kamal added:

“When developing these travel essentials, our focus was not just on creating headphones that would deliver performance and reliability, but also a design that was very distinctive with larger headphones to comfortably cover the ear, as well as sleek metal and leather finishes that give it that unmistakable Montblanc flair. When they are on the road, whether business or leisure, intrepid travelers want stylish accessories that help them stand out wherever they go,”

Montblanc states it brought together an “experienced team of award-winning engineers and designers” to make the headphones that will meet the demand of those who live on the road or in the air. The Montblanc promises the headphones will achieve excellent sound quality, comfort while remaining stylish and capturing the signature style the brand is known for.

Montblanc Headphones

Source: Montblanc / Montblanc

To help ensure that the headphones are up to snuff in the sound department, Montblanc enlisted the help of sound expert Alex Rosson who provided his expertise in acoustic mastery and audio engineering. With Rosson’s input, the headphones will deliver a signature Montblanc sound.

So what do Montblanc’s luxury smart headphones offer, here are the tech specs:

  • Active noise-canceling technology
  • Advanced technology for impressive sound quality
  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort
  • Fine materials and quality craftsmanship for durability
  • Google Assistant for a more personalized on-the-go experience featuring voice-activated device control and commands
  • Functions across a broad range of Bluetooth devices, including iOS & Android

Now time for the million-dollar question? How much do the headphones cost? Well, the headphones are from Montblanc, so it should be expected to spend some coins on them. When they arrive in three very lovely designs, as pictured above on March 22, each pair will cost a whopping $595.00. We won’t be shocked if you see your favorite Hip-Hop act, movie star, or athlete sporting a pair.

Now Montblanc isn’t the first company to offer a pair of ridiculously expensive headphones. Master & Dynamic collaborated with high fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, to drop a $995 pair of its MW07 earbuds emblazoned the famous LV logo.

Well, if you got it, go for it, you can order a pair of Montblanc over-ear smart headphones by going here.

Photo: Montblanc