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The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 cases continue to mount as health officials scramble to work towards an end to the pandemic. Here in the states, Westside Gunn is among the thousands who have recovered after contracting the virus and shared a harrowing tale of his ordeal.

By way of his Instagram account, the Fly God gave a strong salute to his supporters and fans while combating COVID-19. The Griselda Records honcho broke down his month-long struggle and plans to keep it pushing for the culture.

From Westside Gunn’s IG:

I’m a Corona Survivor I didn’t want anybody feeling sorry for me I had to thug it out for weeks I didn’t get to see my kids I went to the hospital feeling like I was breathing my last breath the fans and the love I was getting kept me strong I knew I had to drop this Pray for Paris bc GOD have bigger plans for me I went on Tidal live and Fat Joe live but soon as I was done I was right back on the breathing machine today is the first time besides the hospital that I’m about to go outside in a month thx to the ppl who did know and held me down now I’m about to go harder than I ever have that sh*t tore me up inside I literally thought I was dead

Gunn goes on to share that designer Virgil Abloh has been working with him on clothing designs and that DJ Premier sent him some heat with both gestures apparently boosting his spirits. Gunn once again thanked his supporters and his Roc Nation management team and ended the message for a prayerful hope for Fred The Godson.

Salute to Westside Gunn. We’re glad you’re healthy and back to the business.

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